Boat Of The Year Schedule

2005 –2006


September 3rd  & 4th, 2005                  Labor Day Regatta               SSS   Results


September 24th & 25th, 2005                BYC Kick Off Regatta            BYC -   Results


October 8th, 2005                            Crow’s Nest Regatta              Venice -   Results


November 12th, 2005                                SYC Invitational Regatta            SYC - Results


January 14th, 2006                            Snowbird Regatta                  SSS - Results


February 11th, 2006                            Cherry Pie Regatta                SSS -   Results


April 1st, 2006                         Shark’s Tooth Cup                VYC & VSS     Results


April 22nd, 2006                            Around Egmont Regatta            BYC & MSA


May 13th, 2006                            Sarasota Bay Cup                 BKYC & Field Club - Results


May 17th, 2006                            Sarasota to Key West Race            SBYA - Results

            (This race will be part of the Clearwater Yacht Club to Key West Regatta.)






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