Cell Explanation
E3 To be considered for a SBYA BOTY award, a boat must compete in at least 3 of all the regattas (not races) scheduled.
"Pt" column for each race The “fraction of boats beaten” scoring method will be utilized. Each final race score will be 0.1 point plus the fraction of boats beaten. For example, if your final standing in a race is 4th overall in a 10 boat fleet, since you beat 6 of 10 boats, the fraction of boats beaten = 6/10 = .600. Your total race score = 0.1 + 0.600 = 0.700. A boat which is DNS, OCS, DSQ, DNF, or RET is considered to have beaten 0 boats and is scored 0.1 for the race.
C3 The (red) number in this cell represents the current number of Throwouts.  The “series score” for each boat will be the sum of her race scores excluding her worst N scores, where N = 20% (rounded up) of the races completed by that class. For example, if a class sails 14 races for the season, then each boat will have her worst 3 races (including races in which they were not entered) thrown out (20% of 14 = 2.8, which rounds up to 3). The qualified boat with the highest “series score” is the winner, and others are ranked accordingly.  Most throwouts will be for races not entered (and which therefore have a zero score that is not displayed).  Where a non-zero score is thrown out, it is indicated with a strikethrough.
Notes Should two or more different classes be grouped together in a race, they will be rescored for SBYA BOTY as if the classes sailed separately.  For example, if 4 Cruiser and 5 Pocket Cruiser boats sailed in the same Class, they may be split into a 4-boat Cruiser class and a 5-boat Pocket Cruiser class fleets. Conversely, if the same class is divided into 2 or more classes by a Regatta and sail the same course, they will be rescored for SBYA BOTY as if they all sailed in one class.
Boat names highlited in red are not qualified for an SBYA award
Source \\FLYMIKE-PC2\flymike@neely\SBYA\2018-2019\BOTY_Standings\SBYA_BOTY_Current_Standings.xlsm